Tuesday, January 4, 2011

iScheduler 1.2.3 *Crack*

Update : Version 1.2.3 released ! Crack is out !! [Credits to Fabius] 

v 1.2.3
* add a brightness option in profile.
* fix the problem that crash when edit the profile

Download 1.2.3 Cracked : Official

iScheduler is a must have utility automation tool for every iPhone owner which can be found on every cheap phone but missing in Apple iPhone. 
An automation tool on iPhone, scheduler your iPhone. Only support 3.0+ OS.  


- Auto on/off tool: iScheduler is specially designed to automate many manual on/ off toggles of iPhone services at time intervals set by you. These include power, airplane mode, edge, 3G, wi-fi, bluetooth, location and push mail toggle.
- Wake up tool for iPod: iScheduler can also be set as a wake up alarm tool invoking iPhone's iPod functionality to play songs to wake you up in the morning.
- SMS tool: iScheduler can auto send sms at preset time, can be circled by day, week, month, year. Never forget girl firend's birthday again. And support group sending, with that, you can send meeting notice or work to your colleagues.
- App tool: iScheduler can auto launch at preset time, can be circled by week. With that, you can auto open newstand to sync rss or open appstore to check update every morning.
- Profile tool: iScheduler can auto set profile at preset time, can be circled by week. With that, you can set silent profile when meeting.
- Phone tool: iScheduler can auto on/off call forwarding/call waiting at preset time, can be circled by week. With that, you can auto call forwarding when back home.
- A battery saving tool: iScheduler's ability to switch on/off iPhone services at a pre-defined time lets you to utilize those iPhone features only when you need them, and then it can automatically off those options at the times you don't need or can't use them. So iScheduler can make your battery lasts longer over a single charge thus by reducing battery re-charging cycles. This effectively increases your iPhone battery life too.

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